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Running a Degree Audit (DARs)

  • What is DARs?
    • DARs, short of Degree Audit Reporting System, is an automated system that compares student’s completed coursework with the requirements for their degree and produces a report (sometimes called an audit) detailing their progress towards that degree. It is a great tool to verify the classes you are registered for in a future term as each of those courses should be fulfilling a requirement in your DARs.
  • How do I access DARs?
  • I don’t understand something on my DARs?
    • Missing US History requirement?
      • TN state law requires completion of US History. For many transfer students, this requirement can easily be corrected by sending your high school transcripts to UT undergraduate admissions. If you did not take US History in high school or from another institution, History 221 and 222 will be required. International students, please discuss this requirement with your academic advisor.
    • What is a UT residency requirement?
      • This requirement will remain in “red” on your degree audit until you have applied to graduate and a graduation specialist reviews your DARs to verify that the majority of your final coursework is taken through UT.  Please see the residency policy here.
    • NR or I grade error message at top of DARs report
      • You cannot graduate with an “NR” (grade not reported” or “I” (incomplete) grade on your academic history. Please get these resolved with the instructor of record as soon as possible. Incomplete grades will change to an “F” grade after 1 calendar year.
    • Repeated course error message at top of DARs report
      • This message will show in red at the top of your DARs. The error message will typically resolve itself by the end of the term in which you are repeating the course.
  • I thought I petitioned that?
    • The petition process can take 4-6 weeks from the time of submission. Additionally, please note that DARs cannot be updated until the course is showing on your UT academic history. Study abroad coursework, in particular, can take a while to show on your UT transcripts.
  • How do I petition that?
    • Please see information about petitioning classes HERE.

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